Reviews from clients

"Anthony is incredibly kind and knowledgable in the area of fitness. I would recommend to anyone to give Anthony a call to get started on the track that you want. His studio is diverse and his talents can personalize workouts for you. Even if you're in doubt, give him a call anyway." Maria W. 


"I'll admit when I first started training with Anthony I wanted to see results instantly. After the first few weeks not only did I see results that exceeded my plausible expectations, but I realized that training with him was something I needed to do weekly. A few months in and I am now thankful for the serendipitous opportunity in a spot opening up at his gym. I have lost weight, as well as, boosting all my attributes from speed to just about everything a person can possess in their skill set. When you speak about someone with integrity, passion, and knowledge there is no doubt that Anthony is in a class of his own. From creating a stellar meal plan to keeping you sweating and panting in his gym, he honestly does it all. I would highly recommend that you reach him before the rest of his spots are occupied (because they do fill up fast), and if you've gone to him I encourage you to leave a review." Bryan M.

"Anthony is an exceptional trainer! I've been working under his superb guidance for 7 months and have seen such a dramatic difference in my physical capabilities. I feel and look stronger because I am stronger! And with his help, my nutrition and eating habits have improved. He is one of the most positive, kind, and determined people I've ever met. Every single time I walk out of his gym.....I feel better and stronger than when I walked in, and I'm always glad that I made the workout. He is knowledgeable, helpful and an exemplary role model in the gym. His positive attitude is contagious and on the days that you don't feel very motivated, his motivation will change your way of thinking. I am SO grateful that I am fortunate enough to train under him and would highly recommend him to everyone!!!" Susan T.


"I have been training with Anthony for over a year and a half along with my brother and sister in law. To say he has changed my life is no exaggeration. He has given me confidence I never knew I had! He is not only extremely knowledgeable and talented, but his positive attitude and patience are everything! He works around whatever aches and pains we bring in with us, maximizing our potential on an individual basis even while in a group session which is no easy task! I have upper body strength I never thought I was capable of! I feel strong and fit thanks to Anthony! I would recommend him for any fitness level: beginner or advanced. He's the best!!" Mary F.

"After my first session with Anthony I was hooked!! He is extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything fitness. There is no slacking with Anthony. His workouts are tough and his enthusiasm for fitness is contagious. Anthony keeps the workouts fresh and rotates new exercises into our routine. I am constantly challenged and Anthony pushes me to always reach my highest potential. He is very motivating and genuinely celebrates in my successes. We set a goal, he helps me crush it and then we set a new goal. You won't find a better trainer than Anthony. He is a great person and an amazing trainer."