"It hurts now but one day it will be your warm up." —Unknown


Jade Oliverio

Jade is a lover of all things fitness. Growing up, she had always been a swimmer and then found her love of running in her mid 20’s, so she figured why not add biking so she could participate in Triathlons.

Six years ago she started teaching group fitness classes - BodyCombat, HIIT workouts, and other cardio based classes with elements of strength training. She loves the energy a class full of people can bring each other and uses that energy to fuel a powerful, tough, and fun workout.

Jade wants anyone that comes to her classes to work hard, to push their limits, but also to laugh and enjoy. She’ll be teaching a cardio kick-boxing style of class, as well as a HIIT class. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness! But watch out, as she gets to know you, she will make sure your pushing your limits and giving it your all!!