“When the melody plays, footsteps move, heart sings and spirit begin to dance.”

- Shah Asad Rizvi


Eileen bastien

Formerly trained in Modern and Jazz Dance as a young girl, it was perfectly natural for Eileen to pursue music and movement her whole life and blend it into her health and fitness career. She always believed that fitness is about a lifestyle, more than anything. Walking to places, taking the stairs, being up early in the morning, embracing outdoor activities and putting real effort and passion in the workouts. "I am passionate about helping women feel good about themselves. I know that being healthy will not only make you look and feel better but it can do amazing things to your self-confidence."

During the day, Eileen is a senior administrator at a University in New Jersey. She teaches fitness and wellness workshops part-time. Eileen utilizes her fundraising experience to promote good health and fitness by hosting fitness fundraisers each year and feels this is a great way to keep giving back to the community. Today, she is the founder of the Rising Brave Movement and the Positivity Club podcast, empowering others to embrace their greatness.


Paula Castro

Paula was a NYPD Police Officer from July 1989 to July 2009 and retired after 20 years of service. All of which were as a patrol officer in Harlem’s 28th Precinct. After retirement Paula & her husband joined a gym and found the world of fitness. She went on to become a Zumba instructor and is certified in several Zumba programs. She then went on to become a Les Mills Body Combat & Silver Sneakers instructor. Paula also teaches weight training classes & was a fitness coordinator at a local gym. Paula’s easy going style and personable demeanor make her a favorite among gym members. Paula will be joining our fitness team as a Zumba instructor.


Laura Smacchia

For as long as i can remember fitness and a healthy lifestyle have been a priority of mine. I believe eating healthy and exercising equals feeling good on both the inside and outside. I’ve been a Zumba Toning instructor since 2011. I recieved my training at the Convention center in Atlantic City. In my toning class we use lightweight maraca style toning sticks, and target every part of the body, this is why I like to call it a total body workout. My class is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and fast paced, energetic workout with an emphasis on toning and sculpting. I like to keep my routines simple and easily to follow. I love connecting and helping people through their journey. It’s also how great friendships begin. So let’s grab a set of toning sticks and get this workout started and remember to never be afraid of a challenge!


Dawn Leppert

Dawn (aka Dawny Zumba) brings with her 8 years of teaching Zumba, but a lifetime of dance! Her passion and love for teaching comes out in every class! “I put a lot of heart into my choreography and make sure to combine Dance and Fitness for a FUN cardio and toning workout that is always authentic Zumba-style!” Dawn has studied Jazz, Ballet, and Modern Dance. You do not need to be an experienced dancer because her unique teaching-style and choreography is easy to follow. You will learn the moves and cues in no time! “I love when I get new students that say, “are you kidding me, you think I can move my hips and shoulders at the same time?” Within a couple of months, they’re doing advanced salsa steps and turns, fast merengues and reggaetón moves complete with shoulders and hips shaking like crazy!! Dawn promises that no two classes are ever the same, new routines are created weekly, and to always keep up to date with the newest and classic music of all genres! Her goal is to always give a complete workout that will make you sweat, burn calories, tone your body, and leave you feeling fantastic!! “As soon as the music goes on, it’s party time!